Plinest® And Newest® Malaysia: An Effective Solution To Reduce The Effects of Ageing

Check out how Klinik Dia Raissa’s Plinest® And Newest® can help you get healthy and glowing skin.

Did you know that you can effectively reverse the sign of ageing with Plinest® And Newest®?

Do you want to regain the youthful glow of your skin?

At Klinik Dia Raissa, we are focused on helping individuals like you to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin with Plinest® And Newest®.

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What are Plinest® and Newest®?

Plinest® and Newest® are the top skin boosters in the market today with their outstanding regenerative ingredient polynucleotides (PN). Injectables with polynucleotides have become the most effective solution for skin revitalisation and rejuvenation in the medical aesthetics industry.

Plinest® and Newest® founded and patented by Mastelli where the polynucleotides are extracted from the reproductive glands of trout fish.

The unique feature of Plinest® and Newest® is that they are the only skin boosters developed by HPT technology and obtained safety profile and human compatibility certificate from Europen Union.

How Plinest® And Newest® Work?

PPlinest® is a bio-revitalising gel that can help increase the production of collagen, and hyaluronic acid (HA) and improve skin growth factor. Moreover, it also works on the cellular division of fibroblast and the synthesis of collagen. It helps in improving skin quality with natural processes. Patients that are treated with Plinest® will witness huge improvements in terms of skin texture, skin elasticity and skin radiance. These improvements make them look younger and healthier.

Newest® gel has a combination of PN (polynucleotides) and HA (hyaluronic acid). This injectable gel is suitable for individuals with dry and wrinkled skin types. And it also works well for individuals who are frequently exposed to the sun. PN improves the elasticity of and the texture of the skin through regeneration and stimulation of fibroblast.

What conditions do Plinest® And Newest® Effectively Work On?

How Much Do Plinest® And Newest® Treatment Cost at Klinik Dia Raissa?

At Klinik Dia Raissa, the cost of the Plinest® And Newest® depends on individual requirements. It starts from RM2,500 where you will receive injectable gel along with all the necessary information you need to rejuvenate your skin.

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Result Of Klinik Dia Raissa’s
Plinest® And Newest® Treatment


Every individual is unique when it comes to their skin conditions and attributes. Some may see a difference after the first session. In most cases, at least three sessions are required to see the desired changes.

Each session takes around 15-20 minutes.

Fibroblast production is a natural process that could take time. It is not instant, and it wouldn’t happen right after the Plinest® And Newest® treatment. It usually takes at least one week after the initial session to see effects, and improved results may be seen after a few sessions depending on your skin conditions.

Any injectable treatments will cause minimal impact on the skin which goes away within a few days. And we do not suggest Plinest® And Newest® treatment for pregnant women and individual who is allergic to salmon or trout.

Most of the body parts with skin can be treated with Plinest® And Newest® treatments which include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scalp
  • Hair loss areas
  • Scars
  • Vulvo-vaginal areas

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